Horror Drama intertwines with Gothic Literature and Comics.

Victorian Badasses. That’s how you could easily summarize in two words the horror drama TV series Penny Dreadful, starring the amazing Eva Green and Timothy Dalton, among the others. The cast is terrific, I have just finished watching the first season, and I really wanna go on and watch the second. So, basically this series deals with the toughest people of Victorian gothic-horror literature like Dorian Gray, Dr.Frankenstein & Creature, and Van Helsing, and gives them a common thread to follow, which is the story of “Explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler and medium Vanessa Ives“. These three fellas are really stuck in the mud, and episode after episode they have to deal with rather creepy supernatural entities to carry out a successful rescue mission. No, I’m not gonna tell you anything else about it.

Well, I have to say, the pilot is not as catchy as the other episodes, I think it was because it’s as introductory as can be, so don’t be fooled. Keep watching. I don’t wanna give away too much, I think I’ll devote another post to a thorough review of the series.Of course, this series is really juicy material for us, grim readers. There’s plenty of literature, no doubt on that. We have Shelley, Wilde, Stoker and during the series you’ll also get a touch of Keats, and a whole other bunch of names you might have heard of if you like Victorian and gothic literature will pop up.

What I’d like to point out with this post is: first, this series is incredibly touching in some moments, as you can really feel how human the characters are. Of course, all of them have a ridiculously obscure past and they’re all stuck in the dirt for some reason in the present, but their strength lies in the acceptance of the darkness. By doing so, they manage to go on. While you’re watching the series, pay particular attention to the development of the characters in regards to this. Some of them realize this later than others, but it’s normal, isn’t it?
Second, Penny Dreadful is the sort of Goth cousin of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. They too are a group of extra-ordinary individuals who eliminate threats during the Victorian period, and despite their special abilities, they too are fallible and more human than what one can imagine. Can you spot the similarities?

Now, have a look at the trailer, let me know what you think, I’d like to include your suggestions in my review.

Cheers, grim readers!


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