Here you can find all of the written projects I developed during the course COM 221 – Writing Across The Media under the guidance of Professor Antonio Lopez at John Cabot University, which include a Press Kit on the metalcore band Motionless in White, a PSA on gender identity, and a 5-page Radio Drama Script based on My Chemical Romance’s “Danger Days”.

Press Kit
This project has the objective of promoting the gothic metalcore band Motionless in White through the request of a review by the magazine Alternative Press of a concert of the band’s latest tour. The Press Kit includes a press release for the addition of the concert to the tour, a cover letter to request the review to the magazine’s Editor, a brief bio of the band, and various press clippings and reviews on the band’s work. You can find the project here: Press Kit

Logline: 30-second-spot about non-binary gender identity, featuring binary code, tempo, choice, and a person, in order to underline the difference between purely binary elements and genders, which are not only two.
Treatment: The spot starts with three different images one after the other. The first of binary numbers, which while cascading, form the writing “this is binary”. The second is an image of a musical staff with treble clef and a binary tempo, where later on the lines of the staff form the letters of “this is binary”. The third image represents a palm’s and in which there are two pills, one red and the other blue, between which the writing “This is binary” appears. Next, there is a close-up of a non-binary Asian-American young adult. “Their gender is not binary” fades in on screen during the shot. The spot ends with two shots, the first with the take-home message “Gender is not only boy or girl”, and the second with the logo and site of the organization, which supports people with non-binary gender.

Radio Drama Script
Logline: Outlaws with laserguns fight against a totalitarian regime in dystopian 2019 California
Treatment: The Fabulous Killjoys are a group of outlaws in a 2019 California ruled by Better Living Industries, a Corporation whose objective is to remove all kinds of feelings from the hearts of the inhabitants of the country, especially of the capital, Battery City. The Killjoys are chased by Better Living Industries’ assassins, the Scarecrows. After a long series of combats, the Scarecrow Korse and his lackeys, the Draculoids, will slain the Killjoys in a lasergun fight, apart from a little child the outlaws were protecting.


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